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zaterdag 30 mei 2009

Yahoo!! Lorie Davison did it again!!!

Yes, Lorie did it again: creating a gorgeous, whimsical, beautiful, awesome, breathtaking (need I go on?) new kit. She called it Ticket to Dragon's End A Storybook Kit and it's available in her store at Scrapbookgraphics.
The describtion of this kit is just like a fairytale. Read this:
Fasten your seat belts as we approach Dragon's End airport. Yes beautiful Dragon's End - not only an eleven-star resort tucked into the high cliffs surrounding the gorgeous Grrrrzhnor Sea but also the gateway to the largest wild dragon preserve in all the world. No need to pack your bags they're already included with your Ticket to Dragon's End. Everything has been photographed, illustrated, fed, tamed, tuned, polished, and plucked for your pleasure! Hope you enjoy!

Here's a preview of Ticket to Dragon's End:

And here are two pages of me:

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Sugar'nSpice zei

Oh, I love Lorie's latest kit. I saw it in the shop at SBG yesterday. I love you layouts Henriette, so beautiful. Hugs, Px