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donderdag 3 december 2009

Before the First Snow soon in the store of SBG!

Lorie Davison's newest kit will be in her store at Scrapbookgraphics coming Friday!!!
You really have to see it (and buy it!); it's an awesome kit, a bit dark, gloomy and colorful. You should see the papers in it, these are so fantastic. And there are crows and windmills. Lorie even named a crow, he's called Sir Pillbox. There are even crows with kilts on, how fun is that!!

A preview of the kit will follow as soon as I have one.
But I can show you the pages I made with it:
Into GSO, Wiola thank you!!

Also into GSO, Kathi thank you so much!

Also into GSO, Meryem thank you!

Also into GSO, Diaantje thank you!

Also into GSO, Soraya thank you!

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Ramona zei

Well deserved in the GSO.
Fantastic Layouts, love them :)