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woensdag 28 september 2011

Dandelion Girl by SussieM Designs

Marzenka aka SussieM released a new kit today called Dandelion Girl by SussieM Designs which is available in her store at Scrapbookgraphics. It contains 11 papers and over 60 elements.

This is her describtion of the kit Dandelion Girl: In my life there's not much place for schedules and plan lists.
But me and my daughter we have a wonderful habbit and it's the most wonderful moment of the day for me...
Every evening we're laying in bed, hugging and reading books...
Some time ago we moved from picture books to stories written in letters ;) And what I love to do is finding beautiful stories for Zuzia... stories full of goodnes and fairies which can do anything.
Few weeks ago I found a story about Angel's favourite flowers... dandelions. Flowers loved by all kids in the world :) After reading this short fairytale we were lying in bed and imagining Dandelion Faeries flying in the woods and changing plain yellow flowers into magician fluffy balls to bring kids a lot of joy and fun.

This is what this kit is about.

Here are the previews:

And this is my page:

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